“Little Edo” Kawagoe 1 Day Tour


A while ago, when the cherry trees were still blooming, I spent one of my holidays in Kawagoe–a small town in the Saitama Prefecture. Though being near Tokyo, Kawagoe–often known as “Little Edo”–is a nostalgic town completely different from the urbanized Tokyo city. It is a place less busy and boiterous, but more tranquil and relaxing. Continue reading “1 DAY IN “LITTLE EDO” KAWAGOE”

The Art of Japanese Folding Paper “Origami”

Folding Papers, so called “Origami” is one of the most elegant and elaborate arts of all Japanese culture. You will be surprise how Japanese people put their creativity and effort into piece of paper and make it into magnificent art.

This blog will tell you things that you might not know about Origami. At the end of of this blog, who knows you might be able to make one of your own origami  Continue reading “The Art of Japanese Folding Paper “Origami””