New Owl Cafe in Harajuku : Owl’s Garden

Hello there!

Do you know? there is new Owl Cafe opening in Harajuku. Today, I brought tons of pictures of owls that are too cute to handle. I am pretty sure you will fall in love with them.

Join me to the Owl’s Garden, new paradise of owl’s lovers.

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Real Escape Game : Mysterious Hunter X

Somehow, going to temple, shopping or trying cultural activities in Japan start to feel too mainstream for me. I wanna try something new, something exciting apart from going to the theme park.

Luckily, I found one in Asakusa. Only place that allows you to use your brain to hatch a plan and protect yourself from Killer Robots!! sounds cool, right?!!

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Special Price Round Trip Shinkansen with Hotel Package for Tokyo-Kyoto & more!

Are you planning to visit Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto within the same trip?

You might wonder Is it possible? Will it be too expensive? Which city choose I start first?
and lastly…the most annoying question of all “Do I need to buy JR PASS??”

Read this blog and you don’t have worry anymore!!

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