Cherry Blossom Recommendation 2019 by SOYJOY

Yet another year goes by and spring is just around the corner, which means…

it’s almost time for the cherry blossom festivals! This blog will give you a guideline for trip to hanami (花見 / cherry blossom viewing).

Also, we’d like to introduce you to something that will make your cherry blossom season more special. Stick with us until the end!

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A Trip to Nikko with Tobu-Nikko Pass

A complete guide to Nikko World Heritage Site and Nature area using Nikko Tobu Railway Pass

If you are planing to visit this famous sightseeing spot, you need to read this blog ASAP!! All important information are included here, so you will be ready to explore Nikko by yourself.

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JAPANESE HOMEWARE Tokyo Tower, sumo wrestlers, the Maneki-Neko (that waving cat you have probably seen at one time or another); all these and more iconic Japanese “Cool” things have been transformed into fashionable items! Don’t forget to pick up some traditional crafts as well, all of which exude artisanal quality. SOUVENIR Right next to the iconic Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk is the Seibu Shibuya Department Store, where “Art Meets Life.” Here, you will find a wide variety of the latest brands in fashion, food and function. With its healthy assortment of trendy items, you’ll be on the cutting edge of “Cool” … Continue reading BEST HIT ! IN JAPAN (recommended by SEIBU SHIBUYA)

All about Mt. Fuji 1 Day Tour

Hey travelers!!

It is almost the peak time for traveling in Japan. Of course, one of the Must-Visit places would be Mt. Fuji. If it is on your travel list, you definitely have to check this blog out.

We have gathered all famous 1-day tours from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji through the year. We hope this will help you manage your plan and enjoy Mt.Fuji much easier.

Click here to see more detail.

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“Little Edo” Kawagoe 1 Day Tour


A while ago, when the cherry trees were still blooming, I spent one of my holidays in Kawagoe–a small town in the Saitama Prefecture. Though being near Tokyo, Kawagoe–often known as “Little Edo”–is a nostalgic town completely different from the urbanized Tokyo city. It is a place less busy and boiterous, but more tranquil and relaxing. Continue reading “1 DAY IN “LITTLE EDO” KAWAGOE”