All about Mt. Fuji 1 Day Tour

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It is almost the peak time for traveling in Japan. Of course, one of the Must-Visit places would be Mt. Fuji. If it is on your travel list, you definitely have to check this blog out.

We have gathered all famous 1-day tours from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji through the year. We hope this will help you manage your plan and enjoy Mt.Fuji much easier.

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1 Day Mt. Fuji Tour by H.I.S

1 Day Mt. Fuji Tour by H.I.S (Best Seller)

Mt. Fuji has a charm that keeps inviting people to pay a visit and witness its incomparable beauty.  Many say that it is not enough to visit Mt.Fuji just for once. In fact, your visit will be different depending on the time of year.


Good news!!! We’ve just created our brand new website, specially for booking tour to Mt.Fuji and related activities. We have prepared various activities and places to visit  that we believe it matches with your destination lists. To put simply, we would like to be the one stop service for your Mt.Fuji’s trip.

We guarantee you the best experience at Mt.Fuji at the reasonable price.  Here are some examples of our tour’s detail.

Mt. Fuji Through the year

The best time to enjoy Mt.Fuji is anytime of the year. You will surprised and awed by the elegance of Mt. Fuji combining with beauty of each season. Please select your favorite time for your trip based on these following periods.

  • Spring (April) :  Cherry Blossom & Pink Mos
  • Summer (Late June – Early September) : Lavender  (No snow on top)
  • Autumn (October – November) : Maple Foliage
  • Winter (December – February) Snow Activities
Enjoy Sakura with Mt. Fuji view and Shopping at Gotenba Outlet
Enjoy Pink Moss and Strawberry Picking during late Spring
View of Lavender during summer (Coming Soon)
Autumn Foliage around Mt.Fuji (Coming Soon)
1 Day Snow Experience and Winter Illumination around Mt. Fuji 
Winter Illumination

Why not Mt. Fuji & Hakone within 1 day?

Mt. Fuji & Hakone 1 Day Tour (Return by Motor Couch)

If your schedule is a bit tight, we got you covered. You can visit both Mt. Fuji and Hokone which is one of the most famous sightseeing spots to see the best scenery of Mt.Fuji. within one day. Hakone is famous for a ride on Pirate Cruise at Lake Ashi and Rope way which if the weather is fine, you will get to see view like in the picture above. Tour will be accompanied by English speaker guide.

Rope way ride at Mt. Komagatake in Hakone
Pirate Cruise Ride at Lake Ashi
Mt. Fuji & Hakone 1 Day Tour (Return by Shinkansen)

On the way back, we can arrange ticket for High Speed Bullet Train (Shinkansen) to Tokyo in case that you would like to experience the best transportation system of Japan.

Extra Activities around Mt. Fuji

If you are looking for more excitement  and adventure. We have prepared many of outdoor activities around Mt.Fuji like Paragliding, Go-Kart, Forest & Cave Explore and more. You will get to experience Mt. Fuji in the way you could have imagined.

Cosplay Go-Kart (International Driving License is required)
Forest & Cave Exploration 
fuji paraglinding
Fuji Q Highland Amusement Park (1 Day Pass + Round Trip Bus)
Early Kawazu Sakura Tour (Febuary) 

Click on our website to see more tours and details. Let’s explore the symbol of Japan together!! Book the tour by yourself online or visit us at Harajuku store.



Harajuku Tourist Information (Website)
Open Everyday 10.00-18.00
Harajuku Station (JR) Takeshita Exit (1 min) Map>>>

We have prepared many other services for you feel the most comfort and have unforgettable experience during your time in Japan. We are more than happy to welcome you.


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