Review : Sailor Moon cafe show restaurant

Hello everybody,

today we come back with a review of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Moon Shinning Moon Tokyo –
A Sailor moon cafe show restaurant that is open everyday in Tokyo, Azabujuban!
You will see below how to book, how to get there, and what this activity is like.

OK,let’s get started!

First of all, do not mistake this one with other sailor moon cafes.
This is the first Sailor Moon restaurant where you can enjoy a show.

To get a ticket,You can booked via this website ;

They have shows three times a day,
I went to the 18:30~20:10 performance (SHOWTIME/19:30~20:10).
There is a normal plan, and one including desserts.
I booked a normal plan for this time.
It cost 7,500 JPY for show, food, drink, and a souvenir.

This restaurant is also very easily accessible. Just take the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line or Oedo Line to Azabujuban station.
And then, take the no.5 exit or 5b exit and the hall is front of you.

When first entering, at the counter staff will let you decide your preferred food and drink.
The restaurant features an all-Sailor Moon-themed menu, offering kawaii selection of 3 different foods, 6 drinks, and desserts inspired by characters and items that appear in the show.
And there also lovely photo-spot to take some nice pictures.

After the menu selection the staff took me inside the hall and to my seat.
It was really breathtaking inside.

I’d say that they did a great job creating an exciting Sailor Moon atmosphere to the place. The stage, seats, and overall atmosphere of the shop was not too girly, thus adults (especially men) can also enter without having to worry about sticking out in a weird way.

After I sat down and took a few pictures for a minute, the food and drink that I had chosen arrived!

The food that I ordered was created after the image of the main planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus etc. For drink, I got a peach juice. It was quite sweet but I did not mind because it was cute (haha).

This one is what my friends have ordered. Kawaii~!

After I finished my food, the staff came to take the paper from the plate (see picture above), which then was revealed to be the souvenir for this activity, an original Sailor Moon planet. Really KAWAII !!
They will let people finish their food before the show starts.
And after the light turned off,
it was time for the most anticipated event of the evening….

During the show it is not allowed to take pictures or video.The show is in Japanese but they have a projector behind them showing English subtitles.
Also, most of the show had dancing, fire, light and so on. In my opinion it was a really good performance.
With the Sailor Moon Guardian’s facial expressions it is also easy to understand the story.
Even for people that are not a Sailor Moon fan it was easy to understand.

After the show finished, all performers came back to take the final bow and to sing the Sailor Moon Them Song, “Moonlight Densetsu”. During this part, it is allowed to take a videos or pictures.

Below you will find a few pictures from that moment. It really made my heart tremble.

After the show finished, all actors came to us in the crowd to greet us. They also struck some poses, so we could take a few pictures.
I am I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D.


To get a ticket,You can booked via this website ;

In the name of the Moon, I will finish this review here and see you in next time~!

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