Unique Okinawa Convenience Stores!

Previously, we have talked about convenience stores, or “conbini” in Japan and the various things you can buy at them.

Maybe you visit them for a quick drink, or to buy one of the many types of bento, or even to print some documents.

But did you know that even within Japan, the stuff sold at conbini is different in differnet regions?

Today, I will show you some of the special or unique items found at conbini in Okinawa.

The first thing I noticed when entering the convenience store is the selection of Okinawan sake available.


Okinawa sake



Known as Awamori, the most famous drink of Okinawa is a distilled beverage made from long-grain rice.

There are so many different types available, with some stores even having entire shelves dedicated to awamori.

These might look like snacks, but they are actually cups filled with different types of awamori sake!


More awamori



The small bottles mean you can enjoy a taste of each.

Small bottles


You can also choose from many different types of a cup ramen version of popular Okinawan cuisine, “Okinawa soba”. Even your midnight snacks you can feel Okinawa!


Varieties of Okinawa soba
More Okinawa soba!


You can also find Okinawa-only snacks made with beni-imo (a variety of sweet potato) and brown sugar. You can also get candy made with shikuwasa, a citrus fruit native to Okinawa.

There is even Pocky made with mineral salt from Okinawa’s crystal clear oceans.


Pocky varieties


Shikuwasa and other Okinawan candies



Okinawa is famous throughout Japan for its fried doughnut snacks, called “Sata Andagi”. With a crispy outside and fluffy inside, they are popular among both kids and adults.

With this mix, you can make them at home too!

You just need to add eggs and vegetable oil, so it is easy to prepare.


Sata Andagi mix



They even sell sashimi at conbini here! It’s amazing that they can distribute the fresh fish so widely. Apparently this is popular among the residents here.


Fresh sashimi



Even the salt is produced locally. The people here seem to be proud of their salt!

Okinawa salt



Although the main reason people visit Okinawa is for beaches and outdoor activities, you can see the unique aspects right up to the convenience stores!


Source from like-world magazine.



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