Review: The world first original Japanese beef (Wagyu) Steak House Hama, and a basic Wagyu guide.

Hey guys! I’m back!

Today I’ve come with the the review on my wonderful experience at the STEAK HOUSE HAMA.

They are the world first original Japanese beef restaurant, and have enjoyed continuous high popularity since their opening 55 years ago!

At the restaurant entrance, the manager first taught us about the meat they use, called Matsusaka beef. It is one of the highest grade Wagyu summarized under the title Sandai Wagyu, or “three big beefs”.
The others are the famous Kobe beef and Ōmi beef.

Matsusaka Beef certificate

Before I start talking more about about this wonderful experience, let me share some basic knowledge about Japanese beef.

“Wagyu” which translates as “Japanese meat” has a rating system determined by the Japan Meat Grading Association.
These ratings indicate the rank of the “yield grade,” using A to C alphabet letters,
Grade A : above standard
Grade B : standard
Grade C : below standard.

And the “meat tenderness and freshly grade”, using numbers 1 to 5,
5 being the highest and 1 the lowest.

And good news: only the A5 or A4 ranked meat will be serve in this restaurant!

A5 ranked beef >..<

Steak House Hama


This restaurant is also easily accessible. It is just 2 minute walk away from Nogisaka Station Exit 3.

When first entering guests will find a counter, where a waiter will welcome them, and guide them to the elevator and seats!

After the staff took us to our seats, they explained their menu and let us chose our preferred  steak type (Sirloin steak with a rich fat content, or Filet with only little fat).
What really surprised us is that their lunch time price starts from 3,500 JPY!
This is a really good price compared to other high quality Wagyu restaurant.
They also have English speaking waiters that helped us with any inquiry, always ready to serve.

After we ordered our food, the chef will came to personally greet us, and started preparing our order right in front of us.

He started to make a butter sauteed spinach while we enjoying the appetizer and salad.
And after that it was the time for what we were waiting for the most…. >> TADAAAAA……


The meat was grilled on a hot plate, or “Teppanyaki”!

A chef cut away the fat content, and also fried bamboo sprouts together with the beef by using wine. It – smelled – so – nice!!


After we enjoyed our meal, the meal finished with dessert and coffee or tea.

I can’t believe it! We spend a very good time with culinary delights, for 3.500Yen this is a real bargain!!!


This restaurant is very famous among Japanese people, but less known among foreigners. I strongly recommend for those who want to taste a good Wagyu in Tokyo to pay a visit.

Normally this restaurant gets booked out fast, thus we would recommend to make a reservation.
For inquiries or reservations, please feel free to fill out the form below and submit it to us!!><


We end our report with a goodbye from our pretty model, enjoying her splendid lunch!


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